Podcasts 2007

12/30/07  Segment 1:Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
 Segment 2:Venture Capital
 Segment 3: Mark Johannessen, SBSB
 Segment 4:Audience emails
12/23/07 Segment 1: 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors
Segment 2: Entreprenuers New Years Resolutions
Segment 3: Julie Lenzer Kirk, Author
Segment 4: Audience Questions
12/16/07 Segment 1:Top 10 Life Insurance Mistakes
Segment 2: Starting the Right Business
Segment 3: Peggy O’Reilly, Elder Law
Segment 4: Audience Questions
 12/9/07 Segment 1: Year End individual Income Tax Planning
Segment 2: Long Term Care Insurance
Segment 3: Bill Farmer, Jefferies Quarterdeck
Segment 4: Audience Questions
 12/2/07 Segment 1: Top 5 Ideas for Small Businesses
Segment 2: Charitable Gift Annuities
Segment 3: Marcus White, Pinnacle Financial
Segment 4: Audience Questions
11/25/07  Segment 1:Alaska’s Uniqe Benefits
 Segment 2:Deleware & Nevada Corporations
 Segment 3:Joe Young, Chesapeake Financial
Segment 4:Audience Questions
11/18/07  Segment 1: Weird wills & trusts
 Segment 2:Bankruptcy 2005 Act impact on Asset protection
 Segment 3:Vicki Tarallo, SensaSolutions
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
11/11/07  Segment 1:The Swiss Annuity
 Segment 2:Insuring your home business
 Segment 3: Jim Bruyette, SBSB Financial
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
11/4/07  Segment 1:How to Interview a Corporate Trustee
 Segment 2:Registering your business name
 Segment 3:Peggy O’Reilly – Elder Law
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
10/28/07  Segment 1:Partnerships
 Segment 2:Funerals & Funeral Prepayment plans
 Segment 3:Kathy Pherson, Pherson Associates
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
10/21/07  Segment 1:Ways to make Charitable Gifts
 Segment 2:Private Equity Trends
 Segment 3:Bill Bragg, Coach
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
 10/14/07  Segment 1:Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
 Segment 2:Minor’s Trusts
 Segment 3:Carl Kumpf
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
 10/7/07  Segment 1:Donate Your Body
 Segment 2:Like/Kind Exchanges
 Segment 3:Karen McSteen, brandMatters
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
9/30/07  Segment 1:10 Steps to an easy Business Transfer
 Segment 2:Retirement planning based on tax burdens
 Segment 3:Jewel Esposito, Chaimberlan
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
9/23/07  Segment 1:Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
 Segment 2:Top 10 Estate Planning Techniqes
 Segment 3:Rob Jolles, Jolles & Associates
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
 9/16/07  Segment 1:Nondisclosure Agreements
 Segment 2:Noncompete Agreements
 Segment 3:Rob Jolles, Jolles & Associates
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
 9/9/07  Segment 1: Incentive Trusts
 Segment 2:Scholarship Funds – setting up one for a school
 Segment 3: Peggy O’Reilly, Esq – Elder Law
 Segment 4:Audience Questions
 9/2/07 Segment 1: Creating an LLC Operating Agreement
Segment 2: Federal Taxes After You Die
Segment 3: Roland Oliver, Monumental Venture Partners
Segment 4: Audience Emails
 8/26/07 Segment 1: Special Needs/Supplemental Needs Trust
Segment 2: Trustee Relationship and Duties
 Segment 3: Claire Meade, Financial Advisor, Smith Barney
Segment 4: Audience Emails
 8/19/07 Segment 1: The Probate Process
Segment 2: Guidelines for Executors and Trustees
Segment 3: Mike Meegan, Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Co.
Segment 4: Audience Emails
 8/12/07 Segment 1:Asset Protection Rules of Engagement
Segment 2:Legitimate Offshore Asset Protection
Segment 3: Craig Stephanson, Valuation Services Inc.
Segment 4:Audience Emails
 8/5/07 Segment 1:Types of Life Insurance
Segment 2:Letters of Intent
 Segment 3: Randy Beeman
Segment 4:Audience emails
7/29/07 Segment 1:Powers of Attorney
Segment 2:Estate Planning for Non Residents and Non Citizens
Segment 3: Paul Pagnato, Merrill Lynch
Segment 4:Audience emails
 07/22/07 Segment 1:Like Kind Exchanges of Real Estate
Segment 2:Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease Terms
Segment 3: Julie Lenzer Kirk
Segment 4:Audience emails
 07/15/07 Segment 1:Pet Trusts
Segment 2:Five Primary Exit Strategies for your Business
 Segment 3: Rebecca Shambaugh, Shambaugh Leadership
Segment 4:Audience emails
07/08/07 Segment 1:Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Segment 2:Venture Capital
Segment 3: Mark Johannessen, SBSB
Segment 4:Audience emails
07/01/07 Segment 1:Estate planning in preparation for the sale of a business
Segment 2:Basics of a LLC
Segment 3: David Wexler- Greenberg , Wexler & Eig
Segment 4:Audience emails
 6/24/07  Segment 1:Top 10 Mistakes in Buying a Business
 Segment 2: Funeral Instruction and Expenses
 Segment 3: Joe Child, Step One Mortgage
 Segment 4: Updating Estate Planning Documents
6/17/07 Segment 1: Temporary Guardians
Segment 2: Family Offices
Segment 3: Special Guest – Scott Greenberg, Greenberg, Wexler & Eig  
Segment 4: Emails from Audience
6/10/07 Segment 1: Dynasty Trusts
Segment 2: Non-Spousal Rollover
Segment 3: Special Guest – Eva Neumann, ENC Marketing
Segment 4: Emails from Audience
5/27/07 Segment 1: Playing the IRS Audit Lottery
Segment 2: Phantom stock & Stock Appreciation Rights
Segment 3: Special Guest – Karen McSteen, brandMatters
Segment 4: Dying without a will
5/20/07 Segment 1: Running a Business with your Spouse
Segment 2: Business Succession Planning
Segment 3: Special Guest – Dean Makarita, Long & Foster
Segment 4: LLCs and Real Estate
05/13/07 Segment 1: Guardians & Conservators
Segment 2: How Do Business Owners Borrow Money?
Segment 3: Special Guest – Lisa Gercenstein, BF Saul Mortgage
Segment 4: Prenuptual & Postnuptual Agreements
05/06/07 Segment 1: Writing a Business Plan
Segment 2: Gift Tax System
Segment 3: Special Guest – Candi Kaplan, Kaplan Financial Group
Segment 4: Define a LLLP
04/29/07 Segment 1:  Estate & gift taxes imposed on transfers of assets
Segment 2:  529 Plans
Segment 3: Special Guest – Paul Pagnato, First VP Investments, Merrill Lynch   
Segment 4:  Reps and Warranties in a Contract
 04/22/07 Segment 1:   10 Tips for Smooth Transition after Buying a Business
Segment 2:   Common Non-tax Estate Planning Mistakes
Segment 3:   Julie Lenzer Kirk, Author
Segment 4:   Automated Help Desks
 04/15/07 Segment 1:   Self-Canceling Installment Notes
Segment 2:   Trade Secrets
Segment 3:   Jeanne O’Kelley, Senior VP, Vangent 
Segment 4:   S Corporations
 04/08/07 Segment 1:   Disinheriting Relatives
Segment 2:   10 Reasons to Honor Contracts
Segment 3:   Neal Simon, Pres & CEO Highline Wealth Mangmnt
Segment 4:   Email Questions on Revocable Living Trusts
04/1/07 Segment 1: Living Wills
Segment 2: Living Wills Continued
Segment 3: Jon Shames, Partner, E&Y LLP
Segment 4: Asset Protection & Powers
03/25/07 Segment 1: Powers of Attorney
Segment 2: Fairness Opinions
Segment 3: Jennifer Garrett, President, People Tactics, Inc.
Segment 4: Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
03/18/07 Segment 1: Business Advisors
Segment 2: Buy/Sell Agreements
Segment 3: Rob Jolles, President, Jolles Associates
Segment 4: Valuing a Business
03/11/07 Segment 1: Mergers & Acquisitions
Segment 2: Revocable Living Trusts
Segment 3: Marc Engel, Partner, Learch, Early & Brewer
Segment 4: Non Qualified Stock Options
03/04/07 Segment 1: Tax Law Changes
Segment 2: 10 Common Asset Protection Mistakes
Segment 3: David Eisner, President & CEO, Dataprise
Segment 4: Private Equity Investing
02/25/07 Segment 1: 10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes
Segment 2: 10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes Continued
Segment 3: Doug Poretz, Parner, Qorvis
Segment 4: Business Ownership
02/18/07 Segment 1: Private Foundations
Segment 2: Private Foundations continued
Segment 3: Rick Zitelman, Principal, The Zitelman Group
Segment 4: Blueprint-Big Ideas
02/11/07 Segment 1: Stock Options
Segment 2: Estate Planning with Stock Opions
Segment 3: Peter Vidi, President, Vidi Appraisal Services, Inc.
Segment 4: Mergers & Acquisitions with Stock Options
02/04/07 Segment 1: Introduction to Blueprint for Wealth
Segment 2: FLLCs & FLPs
Segment 3: Marissa Levin, CEO, Information Experts
Segment 4: Business Advisors