Monthly Archives: September 2014

Portability and Married Couples: No Downside?

By Wayne M. Zell

As a married couple, you need to know that portability laws and the opportunities that they create have significantly increased. No longer is the standard credit shelter trust (with QTIP or outright distribution to spouse) the only way for married couples to plan. Now, you have… Continue reading

What You Need to Know – How to Avoid a Basis Management Disaster

By Wayne M. Zell
When it comes to estate planning, many people who set out with the best of intentions make a mess of the estate plan after the fact. Take the example of the widow who has already transferred her house into her children’s names, or an inherited IRA… Continue reading

Nancy Popovich Discusses The Wise Investor Group on Blueprint for Wealth

Please join Wayne M. Zell, Esq. for his interview of Nancy Popovich, Director of The Wise Investor Group, and her insight into the value investing approach taken by this popular wealth management firm.

Seven Trust-Based Asset Protections Strategies for Your Estate

By Wayne Zell


Asset protection planning is a powerful way to provide additional value to your estate.

In this blog you will learn about seven trust-based asset protection strategies and how they can:

– Protect your assets from creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.

– Protect assets gifted to, or inherited… Continue reading