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SPECIAL REPORT: How the SECURE Act will Affect Your IRA’s and Retirement Plans

While offering certain incentives to enhance retirement savings, proposed legislation known as the SECURE Act (the “Act”) would severely limit the use of stretch IRAs and cause many individuals to amend their estate planning documents and retirement planning generally.

On the upside, the Act permits individuals to defer required minimum… Continue reading

Wayne Zell discusses the implications of using a robo advisor to develop an investment plan

Please check out this article in Financial Advisor IQ, where Wayne Zell is quoted on the challenges and opportunities facing consumers and financial advisers when using robo advisers.

New IRS Rules Expected Restricting Valuation Discounts

For a recent, relevant summary of the anticipated IRS regulations restricting the ability to use valuation discounts, please see this August 7th New York Times article.


Inherited IRA’s Not as Protected as Other Retirement Benefits

Adapted from the original article published in The Wealth Counselor on July 1, 2014

In a landmark, unanimous 9-0 decision handed down on June 12, 2014, the United States Supreme Court held that inherited IRAs are not “retirement funds” within the meaning of federal bankruptcy law. This means they are… Continue reading

Maryland to Increase Estate Tax Exemption

On March 20, the Maryland Senate voted to increase the lifetime estate tax exemption from $1 million per person gradually to match the federal exemption ($5.34 million in 2014).  This follows passage of  similar legislation by the Maryland House on March 7.  The increase would be phased… Continue reading

Short-term GRATs Provide Long-term Relief

“What’s a GRAT?”, you may ask.  A grantor retained annuity trust, or GRAT for short, is a popular estate planning tool that assists in sheltering appreciating assets from the burdens of estate taxation.  Coupled with two other advanced estate planning techniques (i.e., valuation discounts and dynasty trusts), you… Continue reading

Wayne Zell to Speak at HighTower and Carr Workplaces This Week

On April 11, 2013, Wayne will be a keynote speaker at HighTower's 1st Annual Family Wealth Conference, originated by the Pagnato-Karp Group.  He will be covering the changes in tax law unveiled at the beginning of 2013 and prospects for tax reform, as well as planning techniques still available to… Continue reading

Thomas R. Seneca, Managing Partner at T.M. Wealth Management & Non-Disclosure Agreements This Saturday on Blueprint for Wealth!

Please join Wayne Zell this Saturday, at 10am on March 30th, for the final episode of Blueprint for Wealth on 1500AM and 820AM.  Wayne's special guest this week will be Thomas R. Seneca, Managing Partner, T.M. Wealth Management.  Thomas will discuss how T.M. Wealth Management utilizes the… Continue reading

Sequestration – What is it and Who is Affected?

With the specter of
spending cuts looming imminently, many of my clients have been inquiring as to
the origins and effects of this mysterious phenomenon known as
"sequestration". You also may want to know how sequestration came to
be and how it might impact you and other individuals and businesses… Continue reading

David Greene of Bernstein Global Wealth Management & Details on the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 this Saturday on Blueprint for Wealth!

Please join Wayne Zell this Saturday, at 10am on February 16th, for Blueprint for Wealth on 1500AM and 820AM.  Wayne's special guest this week will be David Greene, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management.  David will continue his discussion from last week and focus on the… Continue reading



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