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Please join Wayne Zell and Peter Suyama, of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., at 10am, Saturday, June 30th, on Blueprint for Wealth, on 1500AM (820AM).  Peter Suyama will talk about the business and personal financial services he provides his clients, with particular emphasis on qualified retirement plan and non-qualified plan solutions for… Continue reading

Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform!

The Supreme Court upheld the Health Care Reform Act in its entirety in a close 5-4 decision, with the majority opinion authored by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. Justice Ginsburg wrote her own concurring opinion and Justices Scalia and Thomas wrote lengthy dissents.  The decision upholds the individual mandate for… Continue reading

Heather Rosen from FranNet of Virginia and Start-up Equity this Saturday on Blueprint for Wealth.

Please join Wayne Zell and Heather Rosen, Franchise Consultant and head of FranNet of Virginia, at 10am, Saturday, June 23rd, on Blueprint for Wealth, on 1500AM (820AM).  Heather Rosen will talk about her franchise matchmaking service that provides franchise education to aspiring entrepreneurs.  In the first segment of the show, Wayne… Continue reading

Craig Franco and Adam Chafetz from Health Communications, Inc. and Severance Pay Discussed this Saturday on Blueprint for Wealth!

Please join Craig Franco this Saturday, at 10am on June 16th, for Blueprint for Wealth on 1500AM and 820AM, for his interview with Adam Chafetz from Health Communications, Inc.  Adam will discuss how he started the effective TIPS program, which trains servers of alcohol to intervene when someone is getting… Continue reading

Rick Lesan of Frontier Advisors and Building Relationship Capital this Saturday on Blueprint for Wealth!

Please join Wayne Zell and Rick Lesan, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Frontier Advisors, at 10am, Saturday, June 9th, on Blueprint for Wealth, on 1500AM (820AM).  Rick Lesan will discuss what investors need to know about investing and what to expect in the future in regards to… Continue reading

Wayne Zell Participates in SmartCEO Roundtable on CEO Fears…

Wayne Zell participated in a select group of D.C.-based attorneys who discussed the trials and tribulations of CEO's in today's marketplace.  Here is a link to the article:  Wayne is the fourth from the left in the photo.  Enjoy!